WCLA Collegiate Wall of Fame

Congratulations to the West Chester Lacrosse Association 2014 U15 players (High School Class of 2018) who are advancing their academic and athletic careers at the collegiate level.  West Chester Lacrosse is proud of your dedication and accomplishments, and grateful we were a part of the history that shaped your futures!


 ​​​​   ​​Nicholas Benoit, Mount Saint Mary's University


Tyler Blum, University of Scranton 


        Will Costa, Arcadia University


Kyle Dampman, Eastern University 


Jordan Donaghy, Penn State University


Nick Fanelli, Catholic University 


 ​​​Jimmy Gabrielsen, Villanova University

Devin Gilligan, University of Michigan

Matt Hilburn, Boston University


Patrick Keegan, Bellarmine University 

Tristan Lynch, Franklin & Marshall College

Ryan Mitchell, San Diego State University 

Zane Monroe (football), Catholic University

 ​​​Harrison Naughton, Gettysburg College


Dalton Pascale, University of Richmond


     Kyle Pollick, Widener University


 Archer Rymiszewski, Catholic University 


    ​Joe Saulino, Salisbury University 


 Scott White, Ohio State University 


Class of 2020

Class of 2019

Ethan Cotter, Rustin, University of Lynchburg

Luke Digacobbe, Malvern Prep, University of Penn

Joseph Hedderick, Rustin, Eastern University

Collin Hurley, Rustin, University of Delaware

Jesse Roth, WC East, Bellarmine University

Jack Micco, WC Henderson, Catholic University

Liam Montgomery, WC East, Widener University

Luke Wierman, WC Henderson, Fairfield University


Class of 2017

JD Carroll, WC East, University of Michigan

Joe Dunn, Malvern Prep, Marquette University

Nick Mascetti, WC Henderson, Quinnipiac University

Brandon Moyer, WC Henderson, Muhlenberg University

Kyle Mullin, Rustin, Harvard University


Class of 2016

Blair Bonnor, WC East, St. Joe's University

Tyler Chambers, Episcopal, Penn State University

Billy Connors, Malvern Prep, Duke University

Carson Cocco, Malvern Prep, Quinnipiac University 

Ryan Cranston, WC Henderson, Lynchburg University 

Jason DePhillips, WC Henderson, Drexel University

Joe Dunn, Malvern Prep, Marquette University

Steve Dunn, Malvern Prep, Saint Joe's

Owen Evans, WC Henderson, Washington College 

Michael Fay, Malvern Prep, University of Notre Dame

Ryder Harkins, Malvern Prep, Loyola 

Ethan Heisman, WC Henderson, Cabrini College

Chris Hilburn, Malvern Prep, University of Penn

Bobby Hill, Malvern Prep, University of Virginia 

Mike Mazzola, Rustin, Monmouth College 

Ryan McNulty, Bishop Shanahan, Loyola University

Colin Montgomery, Bishop Shanahan, Catholic

Sam Montgomery, Bishop Shanahan, Catholic

Matt Montgomery, Bishop Shanahan, Catholic  University

Brett O'Neill, Rustin, Kings College

Wes Pancoast, Malvern Prep, Roanoke

Chris Panichelli, Bishop Shanahan, Drexel University

Cody Pascale, WC Henderson, Washington College

Chad Rafferty, Malvern Prep, Loyola University

Cole Renninger, Salesianum, Quinnipiac 

Dan Rodgers, Salesianum, Drexel University

Kevin Rodgers, Malvern Prep, Boston University

Max Siskind, WC Henderson, Towson University

Adam Weaver, WC Henderson, Salisbury State University


Class of 2015

Noah Richards, WC Henderson, Marquette University

Jack Twohig, WC Henderson, Sienna University

Zach White, Malvern Prep, Fairfield University

RJ Zoba, Rustin, Stevenson University 


Class of 2014

Eric Giannetti, Bishop Shanahan, University of Delaware

Ryan Hilburn‎, Malvern Prep, Boston University

Johnny Meho, Bishop Shanahan, Lehigh University

Jon Weinstein, Bishop Shanahan, Saint Joe's University


Class of 2013

Owen Evans, WC Henderson, University of Washington 

Class of 2011

Ryan Kilpatrick, Salesianum, University of North Carolina 


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