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Get Started Guide for Members and Fans

Welcome to TeamSnap! A few minutes is all it takes to get up and running with your team. These tips for getting started are aimed at players and their fans (parents, guardians, family members). If you are a coach or team manager, please check out Get Started Guide for Team Admins

Accept Your Invitation

  1. If you have an existing TeamSnap account under a different email address, click Switch Account to log into the existing account

  1. Go to your email and find the TeamSnap invitation from your coach or team manager

  2. Click the blue Join Now! button

    1. If you’ve been invited but can’t find the invitation email, click here and we’ll help you track it down.

  3. Create a password

  4. Click Continue

  5. Select Yes or No for whether you are accepting for yourself or on behalf of someone else

    1. If No, enter your name and relationship to the player

  6. Click Continue

  7. Enter your mobile number and select your provider if you'd like to receive team alerts to your mobile device

    1. Tip: If you don’t want to share your number with teammates, check the box next to “Make Private.” Coaches and team managers will be able to see phone numbers even if this box is checked.

  8. Click Continue

  9. Select Yes or No for adding family member access to your account

    1. If Yes, complete the remaining fields for family member information

  10. Click Continue

  11. Click Take Me to my Team! and you are all set! 

Access Your Team Site

Once you've connected with your team, accessing the team site from the My Teams dashboard is as easy as one click (once you're logged in)!

  1. Login from the web at

  2. On the TeamSnap Dashboard go to My Teams 

  3. Just click on your roster name to below the team name to gain access to the team site under the appropriate roster profile. 


Note: Clicking the team name/icon will not open the team site. A profile must be clicked to enter the team site.

If you have multiple profiles on a team, this gives you quick access to interact with the team using the selected roster profile.


Set Your Notification Preferences

  1. Log into your TeamSnap account

  2. Click your team name under My Teams in your TeamSnap Dashboard

  3. Click the Preferences tab

  4. Set your preferences for how you'd like to receive alerts. We recommend leaving the settings as they are, but you can always adjust things like how far in advance you receive game reminders.

Download the TeamSnap Mobile App

The only thing better than TeamSnap is TeamSnap in your pocket wherever you go! Download our free app for iOSor Android, log in with your new username and password, and feel the power!



Update Your Availability

A few days before each game, you’ll get an email asking if you’re available or not. Make sure to click Yes, No, or Maybe, so your coach has an accurate headcount for the game.

Note: This feature is only available for teams on a  paid plan . If your team is on the Free plan, the team plan will need to be upgraded by the team owner. 

Check for Volunteer Tasks

Head over to the Assignments tab to view any available assignments for your upcoming scheduled events. When you find one you’d like to claim, just check the sign-up box next to that task!

Try TeamSnap Live!

Want to provide live scoring updates, share pictures, and talk about the action with your team in real time? You can use the Team Chat feature to communicate with other members any time, and separate event chats will open up during game and event times for everyone to stay up-to-date in real-time!  It comes with our free mobile apps, so give it a try!

For further help troubleshooting, please reference

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