West Chester Lacrosse Association COVID-19 Health & Safety Policies/Plan


Updated 5/17/2021


Please click on this COVID-19 QUARANTINE FORM if your player has been exposed/quarantined/tested positive for COVID-19.


The WCLA COVID-19 Health and Safety Policies are based on recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, the Chester County Health Department's Guidance for Organized Sports and Athletics, and PA State Government Guidance


Daily At - Home Screening for Staff & Participants

Prior to attending clinic/practice, staff and participants are required to fill out the TeamSnap Health Check. Please do not come to practice/camp/clinic if any of the following are true:

  • You are under investigation for COVID-19

  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and have not yet been cleared as non-contagious by a health professional or authority

  • Been in close contact with someone who has tested positive (less than 6 feet for longer than 15 minutes)

  • Been told to self-isolate or quarantine

  • Have any COVID-19 symptoms (symptoms listed on the current Team Snap Health Check)


Please note, FOR OUR IN-HOUSE PROGRAMS, WCLA follows the most current, up-to-date Pennsylvania Governor, Pennsylvania Health Department and Chester County Health Department's (CCHD) out-of-state travel recommendations/orders and mask mandates; and the Chester County Health Department's (CCHD) Guidance for Organized Sports and Athletics.


The Chester County Health Department supports the Federal Government’s and Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health’s announcements on May 13, 2021, regarding changes to mask requirements. 

We also continue to support the following modification: Any individual engaging in high exertion OUTDOOR activities, including but not limited to, athletics, exercise or play activities, is NOT required to wear masks when actively engaged in those activities effective immediately. 

Face Coverings, Sports Complex Conduct

  • Staff, and Parents/Spectators at the Sports Complex must adhere to the Pennsylvania Governor/PA Health Department/CCHD most current up-to-date mask guidelines and/or recommendations.

  • Participants must adhere to the most current up-to-date guidelines from Chester County Lacrosse Association's (boys program) and PAGLA (girls program).

  • As of 5/17/2021, PAGLA institutes the following for the remainder of the 2021 Season, including PAGLA Playday:

    • All athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators are required to wear a mask at all times while attending PAGLA games and events

    • Athletes and officials will NOT BE REQUIRED to wear a mask while actively engaged in their sport with the following exceptions:

      • Athletes taking the draw will be required to wear a mask while taking the draw only. Official setting up the draw will wear a mask

      • Athletes will be required to wear a mask while on the sidelines or not actively participating in the competition

      • Athletes will still be required to socially distance on the sidelines

      • During timeouts, athletes and officials will either need to maintain a six-foot distance or wear their mask

  • 2 spectators per player are allowed at Kelly Field.

  • Players will enter and exit the facility as instructed by staff members.

  • Staff will direct the players when they arrive to facilitate social distancing.

  • Parents/Spectators should not enter any field of play, bench areas, or activity areas.

  • Parents/Spectators must practice social distancing at Kelly Field.

  • Players and staff are encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon entering the field before and after eating if applicable, before and after bathroom use, before and after touching shared equipment, throughout the session/clinic.

  • There will be no access to water fountains, no sharing of water.

  • Players must bring their own equipment and water bottle.

  • Equipment bags will be placed 6 feet apart.

  • Staff will help direct the players safely back to the front entrance for pick up.

  • There will be designated areas for players to take water breaks.

  • Players and coaches will maintain social distancing and will not congregate on sidelines or on benches.

  • Hand sanitizer (greater than 60 percent alcohol) is available; and players are encouraged to carry their own.

  • Cover coughs or sneezes with a sleeve or elbow, not hands.

  • Do not shake hands, fist bump, high five, or engage in other unnecessary contacts.

  • Activities that increase exposure to saliva such as spitting, licking fingers, chewing gum and eating sunflower seeds are prohibited.

  • Carpooling is not recommended; if carpooling is not avoidable, it should be only limited to members of the same household, or require the use of face coverings while carpooling.


COVID-19 Point of Contact


  • A designated WCLA staff person is responsible for responding to COVID-19 concerns. All staff and families should know who this person is and how to contact them.

  • Gina Colley-Holgate (admin@wclax.net) serves as the WCLA COVID-19 Coordinator

  • In the event that a player or staff member develops COVID-19 symptoms during games/practice, protocols have been developed in accordance with PA Department of Health and Chester County Health Department guidance to isolate the affected individual.

  • Upon learning that a person with a confirmed or probable case of COVID19 was present at the field while infectious, the WCLA COVID-19 Coordinator will immediately contact the CCHD for guidance 

  • CCHD staff will assist the WCLA COVID-19 Point of Contact with risk assessment, isolation and quarantine recommendations, and other recommendations.

  • The WCLA COVID-19 Coordinator with confer wth the CCHD to inform close contacts of their possible exposure and give instructions to those involved.


Sanitizing (As per the CDC -https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/cleaning-disinfecting-decision-tool.html)


  • No equipment should be shared among players and/or coaches; if sharing equipment cannot be avoided, sanitation will be done between uses.

  • Use gloves when removing garbage bags or handling and disposing of trash. Wash hands/sanitize hands after removing gloves.

  • Gate locks, shed locks, and frequently touched equipment will be sanitized with cleaners that are EPA SARS-CoV-2 approved.